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I can't show many images publically regarding what I have worked on, but I have more details in my resume

Apple (Corporate) Maps Human Interface Design Team.

  • Lead UX Designer
  • 3D Prototyper
  • Unity Developer
  • Technical Artist
  • Pipeline Development

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3D printed Mini-ITX computer case that is semi-portable and semi-modular. Can move around the house easily. Great for shared / family computer, and to bring into the living room for couch gaming.

After the house's GameCube broke, we needed a way to emulate games and it evolved much further from there.

STL files on Thingiverse

Keep reading for assembly information and more details!

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Electronics+Design project to make a device that automatically copies files from one inserted device to another with an incorporated SD card reader (both sizes).

This project started because of my combined passions for drone photography, travel, and not wanting to bring a laptop just to backup SD cards in case the drone falls off a cliff. Since I always bring a backup battery too, this seemed like a good combination. Plus now I can solar charge my battery when backpacking!

  • Automatic file copier with SD card slots
    • LED indicators for file transfer
    • 3 Switches, USB power, auto (PI) power, and auto-transfer.
  • ~1 full cell phone battery charge
  • Solar Panel battery recharger
  • Linux computer (raspberry pi zero) with USB slots for keyboard/mouse.
  • Portable IoT driver (GPIO pins are exposed underneath)

3D Printed STL Files on Thingiverse
Python script to automatically copy files

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Designed and printed a tag that would be used to track Sea Otter
migration. Design had to account for tension in particular bending points, electric
component (gps) dimensions, and size constraints based on anatomy of Otter flipper.

Delivering to Monterey Bay Aquarium, NASA, USGS. Ongoing project as hardware specs develop.



Pipeline to bake vertex animation into a texture file. Highly efficent rendering for certain types of animation. Working in Unity and SceneKit, and applies to any engine.

Complete code coming soon.


An Aquarium themed Casino, one huge tank by the high roller tables and four smaller tanks embedded in the walls.


Team Fortress 2 hat asset made for fun. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=19084


6,201 Triangles. Contract work - Quarry environment Remote Mining Drill


5,206 Triangles. Contract work - Quarry environment


This greenhouse station was built to test the planet's atmosphere with genetically modified plant life. One of the plants mutated beyond control and broke out, breaking the airlock and killing all scientists inside. Made with UDK.



3,236 Triangles. Jukebox model made for a developer in need.