I can't show many images publically regarding what I have worked on, but I have more details in my resume

Apple (Corporate) Maps Human Interface Design Team.

  • Lead UX Designer
  • 3D Prototyper
  • Unity Developer
  • Technical Artist
  • Pipeline Development

Lead UX Designer
- Lead designer (DRI) on several major features in Apple Maps, released and
unreleased, including Lane Guidance and Smart Camera, Maps navigation
- Full-stack UX Design, starting a project from an idea, prototyping, pitching to
executives, designing all edge cases, working with engineering to implement
correctly, testing, helping marketing create slides for public presentation, and
gathering feedback for further improvements after release.

3D Prototyper / Unity Developer
- Prototyping with game engines to think outside the box for new product ideas,
including VR and AR.
- Creating interactive prototypes to demonstrate designs to the greater design and
engineering teams.
- Learning the client codebase to prototype features directly in the final product to
show it all working together.
- Creating prototyping systems in Unity, Maya, and other tools that promote quick
iteration, fast content creation and manipulation, user-friendly customization of
properties, and reusable frameworks.

Technical Artist
- Proposing innovative techniques to solve complex problems given short time
constraints, involving cutom shaders, pre-calculated vertex attribution and
packaging, mesh and texture compression, and custom binary formats for
geometric content.

Pipeline Development
- Python pipeline tool development, automating processing of data and
connecting Maya, Unity, and proprietary tools.
- Collections of frameworks, scripts and utilities to help non-technical designers work
with data in different coordinate systems.

International field testing in China and Japan
- Testing maps products to validate expected behavior and suggest region-specific

- Polygonal Routing (9823079), Issued.
- Filed 4 additional, pending patent applications for unique technology and design.