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London, and Finding Nature Photography



Is a big, wonderful city with greenery in it’s many parks which are lovely, and a distinct lack of mountains. Though there are many places opportunities within the city, It also has some great places nearby for nature photography year-round nontheless.

Weekend Trip: Edale

These mountains are some of the highest yet more accessible when coming from London.

Be sure to take advantage of Sun-related events here to maximize beauty.

You can camp in Edale and day-venture forth, or backpack along the trails nearby for a longer, more intense trip.

I started with a Sunset hike up to the ridge north of the campsites, familiarizing myself with the path for my planned Sunrise hike to the same spot.

Be sure you have the ability and comfort to get back in the pitch black, despite the unseen baah-ing in the darkness around you.

The Pub made dinner easy, and even had some spotty WiFi which I only mention because I had zero cell service the entire weekend. The sign claimed to be open for lunch but it was not – be prepared to feed yourself. I took non-fish sushi and it was so cold night-and-day, it easily kept safe for the entire next day’s worth of food. It may also be worth investing in a stove, fuel, pot, and dried food for this trip depending on your duration and desire for hot substances


After my sunrise shoot, I continued for a loop around back to Edale that took about 6 hours. 

Day trip: Brighton

The train from London should be very straightforward, and take 1.5 hours. If you’re unlucky and determined enough to get there on a day when Paddington Station shuts down all trains, it will take an extra few hours.


Stunning, southerly coastal view spectacular for sunsets, and home to the abandoned West Pier with the Rampion Wind Farm visible in the distance.

Bonus fun: Non-Abandoned Pier

(Video Credit: Ubisoft)

Keep an eye out for new VR arcade experiences, try them, and be prepared to fight to hold down your churros.

Here’s your chance to find churros and some variations of arcade hockey 

Brittish Airways i360

For a contraption that only moves very slowly up and down, it’s an exhilarating ride, especially if timed with a Sunset. Gain a unique 162 meter angle on the city and ocean, though the absurdly bright lighting inside the torus will make exterior photography more difficult through warped reflections.

Day Trip: Rye

I really enjoyed venturing out into Rye’s deep beach to capture a sandy reflection of the Sunset, as much as capturing the sun through the reeds of the sand dunes.

To be continued..

There’s so much more to explore!

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